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2021 in Review

The year started well

For those who like to yell

About their loss making stonks

But it all came crashing down

And many began to frown

Including the many shonks

For the crypto bro crowd

Who think decentralised is allowed,

Haven’t thought of regulations

They tout the ability

To send money with agility

To drug dealers and avoid global sanctions

Despite the volatility

They "hodl" to infinity

Believing in democratised money

They haven’t worked out

Their thesis creates doubt

In sovereigns n ‘ll go down the dunny

The fed is in a bind

As the markets continue to grind

Due to excess central bank injections

Inflation is building

And many are fearing

That Powell will change market perceptions.

The FAANG have powered

And their profits have delivered

Much of the index return

The prospect of this not changing

With the tailwinds they’re experiencing

Causes short sellers serious burn

The Apes are quite funny

With their speculative money

Bidding up rubbish exponentially

Their combined IQ

Is missing a few

Digits to get to a century

The high quality crew

Who focus on the few

Outstanding profitable companies

They’ve done more than fine

Biding their time

Compounding and avoiding the numpties

Elon was promoted

To Time mags Devoted

Illustrious Man of the year

Only Time will tell

If this was the bell

For the beginning of market wide fear

A life in the Metaverse

Sounds new and perverse

When nature offers so much

But the world is addicted

To devices and afflicted

By social media and such

The Rona still lingers

With a few antivax whingers

Complaining about freedoms gone

They claim they’ve been gagged

But most have been jabbed

Their arguments are really a yawn

The next year awaits

With hope at the gates

For normal life to resume

We wish you a safe rest

Avoiding twitter is best

And let you belly over consume.


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