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Behind the scenes: how we filter investment options

Our portfolio manager, Rob Shears, was recently asked on Ausbiz how does he filter the 58,000 global listed companies to find the gems. The interview gives a behind the scenes look at some of our investment research processes.

In summary, two of the filters we use are:

  1. 13F - Fund manager filings - where an institutional fund manager notifies the US Securities and Exchange Commission of securities it buys, sells or invests in (amongst other things). It is important to pick funds who are investing for the long term as the notices are given up to 45 days after the end of the quarter. Watch the video to see which funds we follow (1:10)

  2. Substack newsletters - where very intelligent people research companies and provide comprehensive investment reports for a fee. We subscribe to a few enabling us to leverage the information these quality researchers put out. (8:00)

We use these resources to help cut down on the amount of hours required to filter the many global investments. Of course, they are not our only filters, but they can be useful to reduce much of the noise and save many hours in research.


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