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Startup Idea: NETA

Name: NETA: Nikola Enron Tesla Alpha

A multidimensional crypto powered EV in the sub Metaverse of the Metaverse

TAM = Three times greater than the total global transportation market

Investment Thesis

Most investments have one or two features which can power growth. Today I introduce a new way to invest. Multidimensional Compounding.

Not only can we harness the excitement around electric vehicles and crypto, but by developing our products in the Metaverse, we have the ability to think through multiple dimensions.

By harnessing new microchip processing power through giga GPU powered chips, we are able to use multidimensional factoring to render higher growth rates for capital compounding. With SPAC layering technology through five dimensions, we are able to project decades into the future capital returns through continual ability to raise more capital than has ever been injected into a single company.

The initial loss rate on equity will be above 1000%, however via various placements and shared models for distribution, we are able to grow the capital base beyond what is currently possible through traditional investment bank raisings. By using metablockchain projections and security, we can ensure that all new issuance of shares will only be done through forking when the blockchain becomes too wieldy. This way we can say that the original blockchain is the only real blockchain, yet continually expand the ledger without anyone suspecting that there is no actually limit on the number of tokens.

Because all combustion engine cars will not exist in the Metaverse, we have a famous fund manager Noa Ark to pump up our project to show that our crypto Powered EV in the subMetaverse will have a total addressable market at least three times larger than the current addressable market of the total transport index in the real world. This will drive our share price up and thus allow endless capital raisings above the intrinsic value of the company which is highly accretive to shareholders.

Whilst amateur companies such as Nikola have been forced to roll engineless trucks down a hill in the desert. Our company will be able to show our crypto powered EV through Oculus VR headset and we don’t need to buy expensive Isuzu trucks and redo the chassis. This means that the capital we raise through the layered SPAC capital raisings will have greater value than current SPACS.

We are offering you the chance to join us in an exclusive off market mezzanine opportunity of layered SPAC issuance to grow your wealth at faster rates than has been achieved through old technology crypto token issuance.

Because our product will be exclusively in the Metaverse, the opportunity for raising capital through SPAC’s will not be limited in the real world. This means we can raise capital via multiple sub SPAC’s inside the Metaverse. Our proprietary five dimensional SPAC layering technology will then use the concept from the iconic Leo DiCaprio movie Inception whereby there will be a Metaverse inside a Metaverse inside a Metaverse inside a Metaverse. Capital can then be raised off balance sheet and because this new raising will not covered be in any security laws yet, we won’t need to disclose it in the annual report and financials. This allows us to leverage and harness multidimensional capital raisings and keep our AAA rating from the rating agencies who we will convince that we have no debt on balance sheet.

Through machine learning computational power, we have a network effect of computers which will troll Reddit forums to ensure that we continually use the power of group think to attract new and unsuspecting followers. Through adaptive technology and cyclical learning techniques unique to our AI, we can assist new Reddit users to buy short dated massively out of the money options to force market makers to buy our shares on market to continually keep the price rising and most importantly above intrinsic value so all new share issuances are accretive.

The key to any superior company in the Web3 era is data. Data is the new oil. Due to our multiMetaverse, we will have more data from a greater number of angles, which allows us to create unique insights that others simply cannot obtain from two dimensional analysis.

To protect founders interests and early shareholders, we have structured the company via a variable interest entity (VIE) in the Cayman islands. This superior market structure has protected many Chinese companies from legal risks from hedge funds looking to profit from exposing fraud. We have engaged the same lawyers and investment bankers that these VIE’s have used to avoid having to follow traditional accounting laws. The superior protection this structure has is based on the difficulty of cross border legal action against the company and executives. We have been comforted by the fact that investors have allocated billions of dollars to these shell companies which mimic a supposed real company in another jurisdiction. There has been no evidence of investment managers with a fiduciary duty to their investors boycotting these structures.

The CEO will constantly tweet random messages on a regular basis to attract swathes of fans online. Importantly if the company ever looks like it will get into financial difficulty, this fan club of investors will help if we need to pump the share price up to raise capital with maybe a funding secured take-over offer.

We will regularly release new untested products and tout them on Twitter. This will keep the share price high.

Insurance is being revolutionised and with blockchain technology and better data, we can remove the burdensome cost of due diligence on the customer. This way we can follow the Lemonade model and continually price our insurance below cost, raise capital to pay for the margin difference and have an ever expanding capital base.

A secondary market for our EV’s has already been established by Carvana. Carvana will roll out their proprietary model for purchasing cars at above intrinsic value into a new concept of appreciating car values. Because the cars will not rust or age like traditional cars, Carvana will continually buy them for increasing prices and make up for their losses with capital raises. They will create NFT’s of each car and any speculative frenzy created by low res images of our crypto powered EV’s will have the profits shared between our partnership of NETA and Carvana.

Finally, the optionality available for this project is the ecommerce market. Our asset lite gamification of e-commerce will revolutionise subMetaverse purchasing habits. Buyers will flock to our site because we will offer free outsourced shipping and lose money on every transaction until we dominate the space. Whilst Web2 companies such as Amazon are stuck with the idea that they need to spend money on fulfilment and delivery, our ability to sell more items at ever increasing losses will further drive share price growth and thus high and higher capital raisings.

Delivery companies using our crypto powered EV’s in the Metaverse will immediately go from significantly loss making to hugely profitable as they don’t need to pay real people to ride bicycles around cities at below legal wages to deliver food. For this reason, we have bet using 100 to 1 leveraged CFD’s on all the listed delivery companies and the profits from this share trading should boost our ever expanding capital base. We call this trading “300 year thinking”.

We have further margin loans against our core companies which will not be reported in our annual report because we have taken out a collar. We will not disclose this to shareholders but it will protect us is most situations except a more than 20% market fall in our holdings.

Please call Karen on 1800 101 101 to be the first to invest into this revolutionary company. If you don’t call in the next hour, you might miss out.


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